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 Strongarbh House residency (30 images)

Digital photography and video
January - February 2011

And so : if I had a studio, what would it be like? What would go in (and how)? What would come out (and how)? And what kinds of thing might happen in between? A thousand thanks to Adrian and Jane at Strongarbh House in Tobermory on Mull for letting me sketch out some answers.

Influences : Lapita sails and a tree on Capri; Burri in Umbria and Nitsch in Napoli; the body of Christ; Duchamp, as always; The Masturbators by Ruby Sterling; watching Al Seed rehearse; slides of my art school work; Pasolini's Teorema; Gilbert and George; John and Yoko... and, er, The Day Before You Came by ABBA.

 An Tobar residency (36 images)

Digital photography and video
April 2009 (with additional work in July and August)

During this residency on the Isle of Mull, I was primarily concerned with exploring a studio-based means of production, using materials found lying about in theatres, woods and abattoirs in conjuction with a copy stand which had been lying about at home for several years.

I'm very grateful to An Tobar for having provided me with this opportunity. Many thanks to Lee Hendrick for suggesting and arranging the residency, and to Gordon, Jane, Adrian, Dawn, Ester, Tina and all the staff. Thanks also to Mull Theatre for letting me re-use bits of old set, borrow equipment and use the production centre as a temporary studio in August; to Shaun and Sarah at the Mull and Iona Abattoir for their generosity; and to Becca for forwarding all the stuff I forgot to take with me.

For a small selection of images, click on the Flash icon above. For more images, visit the Sketches page.

 'Sketches' (24 images)

Digital photographs taken (mostly) with mobile phones
September 2007 - present

These images are produced very cheaply - and more often than not extremely quickly - whilst travelling for work or visiting friends and family. I think of this work as a kind of 'sketching'.

 Hagoromo (2 images)

Digital images
November 2008

Two images produced to accompany the initial performance of a chamber opera by Massimo Priori and Emanuela Rossini based on the Japanese Noh play Hagoromo.

First image made at the orchard by Falkland Palace. Second image made at the Arches - thanks to Susan Worsfold (modelling and brainstorming), Mick Andrew (lighting design), plus Stuart, LJ, Davey and Ronnie. To view a few unused images, click here.

 Art school work (16 images)

Various media
February 1987 - May 1990

A selection of work made on the Leicester Polytechnic Foundation Course and on the Environmental Art and Fine Art Photography courses at Glasgow School of Art.

My main influence - from Western contemporary art - was Marcel Duchamp. I enjoyed his invented cosmology; the playful correspondences he made between the world of banal everyday objects and events, and his metaphysical world of absolute ideas and subliminal forces. The sacred and the profane; as above, so below. I also enjoyed his sense of humour. (For my foundation course essay on the Large Glass, click here.)

As regards influences from other kinds of art, I especially liked anything religious. Bernini, Blake, Bambaran, Buddhist; all good.