Theatre : Writing and directing


Adapted by Alan Cesarano
May - June 1998

Directed by Alan Cesarano
January - May 2000

An intimate evening of cussin' and killin', deafening gun shots, dangerous fight scenes, freeze-frames, flashbacks, death, destruction, resurrection and even a spot of romance - or perhaps not for the unfortunate chicken. (I was also production manager / designed the set, lighting, and sound / operated lighting / acted, briefly.)

Produced by Charnwood Community Theatre
Venue : Fearon Hall, Loughborough (May 2000)

Notes And Reflections And All That Shit

Written by Alan Cesarano / Alex Simpson
December 1997 - February 1999

Directed by Alan Cesarano / Terry Allen
October 1998 - February 1999

A metaphysical farce in which three characters find themselves fighting for their lives on a blasted heath in 1677, then losing the plot in their bedsits on Saturday night and finally, after the drugs kick in, doing both at the same time. Assuming, that is, that the whole thing isn't just a figment of their sordid imaginations. (I also was production manager / designed the set, lighting, and sound / acted.)

Produced by Alan Cesarano for the Leicester Comedy Festival under the title "The Wanker, The Witch And The Wardrobe"
Venue : Fearon Hall, Loughborough (February 1999)

Karaoke / Disco Night

Written by Alan Cesarano / Alex Simpson
November 1996 - January 1997


A gratuitous orgy of filth all about getting really drunk, all happening in real time in a real pub function room, and followed by a really good disco with late bar so that everyone can get really drunk. (I had a couple of goes at getting this one off the ground, but could never quite find enough brave souls who were up for it.)

New Age

Written by Alan Cesarano / Alex Simpson
April - October 1996

Directed by Alan Cesarano
July - October 1996

A complete fabrication of eleven lost artworks by Andy Warhol and the not entirely unconnected events of the last night of the Velvet Underground and Nico. Exhibited and performed in an art gallery and presented by Elvis Presley. (I was also production manager / made the artworks / played the drums in rehearsal / wandered around taking photographs during the show.)

Produced by Alan Cesarano / Charnwood Community Theatre
Venue : site-specific at the Generator Gallery, Loughborough (October 1996)

It's A Wonderful Life

Adapted by Alan Cesarano / Ian Johnston / Terry Allen
July - August 1994

Directed by Alan Cesarano / Annie O'Brian / Mick Marlow / Terry Allen
August - December 1994

A promenade staging of the classic Frank Capra film which was, in terms of audience numbers at the very least, the most successful show in Charnwood Community Theatre's history. (I was also production manager / co-designed the set, lighting, and sound / helped operate lighting and sound / acted.)

Produced by Charnwood Community Theatre
Venue : Woodbrook Vale High School, Loughborough (December 1994)

Unproduced adaptations I've done varying amounts of work on include The Wicker Man, Wild Side (Donald Cammell's last film), Pierrot Le Fou (by Jean-Luc Godard, for an intended double bill with Knuckle by David Hare) and Plato's Symposium (another proposed double bill with The Death Of Socrates).