Video : Community projects

 Syston (7:00)

A distinctly odd tour of a small town. I ran a series of preliminary workshops, filmed, edited, and somehow managed to recce twenty locations in an afternoon. (Music by Peter Baker, storyboards by Paul Gent.)

A video by members of Wreake Valley Youth Club
Funding : Charnwood Borough Council, Leicestershire County Council and Wreake Valley Community College, 2002 - 2003

 One Minute In Time : Burder Street (1:22)
 One Minute In Time : Meadow Avenue (1:17)
 One Minute In Time : Rendell Street (1:08)

A street-based project for young people to express their views about the localities they live in. I filmed and edited these three videos and did post-production work on all eleven on the site.

A website of one-minute films featuring young people in Loughborough
Funding : Government Office for the East Midlands, 2001 - 2002

 Seen And Not Heard (excerpt, 3:35)

I filmed pieces-to-camera and combined them with stills and a 3D fly-through to produce this video about the group's experiences of life in their village and their hopes of one day having a youth club. The film was made specifically for screening at the official launch of a magazine made by the group.

An arts residency and youth consultation project in Mountsorrel
Funding : Crimebeat, Leicestershire County Council and Mountsorrel Parish Council, 2001

 Choices (excerpt, 3:11)

I initially worked with the nine members of the Choices group at a weekend residency in Leicester, where I taught video production skills. We subsequently worked on ideas and script development, and I then filmed and edited the 25-minute video that they wrote and directed.

A drugs awareness video
Funding : The Prince's Trust Millennium Awards, 2000 - 2001

 Skaters (0:40)
 A Charnwood Walk (2:50)

I trained Leonardo Scheme exchange students Sophie Dubois and Esther Matilla in audio, video and photography, and edited their recordings, footage and stills to produce two documentaries for the People Making Places project (see Training and support).

Two short videos
Funding : Millennium Festival Fund with AstraZeneca, Charnwood Borough Council and East Midlands Arts, 1999 - 2002

 People Making Places Youth Arts Festival (3:05)

I oversaw the documentation of these music, dance and drama workshops and performances, and then edited the footage into a series of short videos, incorporating interviews with workshop leaders and participants. I was also responsible for multimedia design and authoring (using Director), which included a photo gallery, reviews and credits.

Twenty-four short videos for CD-ROM with photography and text
Charnwood Arts / Millennium Festival, 1999 - 2001

 Drawing Kate (excerpt, 2:18)
The Unknown Image
A Nice Little Earner
Hear No Evil
Doggy Bag

As an occasional break from community video-making I'd go over to Nottingham to work on film shoots. On Drawing Kate, I was editor, gaffer (ie did the lighting) and artist; on the others I worked variously as grip, gaffer, runner and stills photographer, together with a couple of on-screen appearances as a security guard and a stripper.

Short films directed by Amanda Mundin (1, 3, 4), Irene Rogan (2) and Roger Knott-Fayle
Funding : Intermedia, 1999; East Midlands Arts, 1999; EM Media and East Midlands Arts, 2000; EM Media and Carlton, 2002; Roger Knott-Fayle, 2002

 2001 (A New Generation) (72 images plus script)

The simple tale of three average blokes who go out one night dressed as Queens of England and get into a fight. Co-written by myself and Alex Simpson as the fourth part of a cinematic symphony spanning 60 years of English history, and made as the final part of my Intermedia course with a cast mainly drawn from Charnwood Community Theatre. I directed, produced, edited and took one hell of a beating.

Short video, currently being re-edited
Funding : Intermedia, 1999

 Pat Blackwell (1:58)

I was sound recordist, and then edited this short film using footage and stills from one of the four locations visited. This was the first piece made for People Making Places and one the hardest edits I have done, as Pat had died a few months after filming took place.

A reminiscence video filmed in various locations around Charnwood
Funding : Millennium Festival Fund with AstraZeneca, Charnwood Borough Council and East Midlands Arts, 1999 - 2002

 The Story Of Life (6:22)

This video was made with Class Primary Four of Garnetbank Primary School. Although the project was my suggestion, it conveniently coincided with their term-long study of evolution. The original video formed part of my degree show and was shown on STV and at the GFT. Re-editing it, on the then brand new Premiere / Mac suite at Intermedia, was the first project I undertook after returning to video work in 1998.

A short and surprisingly violent comedy
Funding : Alan Cesarano, 1991, 1998