My first experience of video-making was in 1989 at Glasgow School of Art, and my degree show consisted almost entirely of video. After graduating I moved back to the East Midlands, but after nearly a year of being unable to find any kind of audio-video work I decided to do other things to pay the bills. Eventually, I took a film and video course at Intermedia in Nottingham, and started working freelance in 1999.

Since then, I've become familiar with all aspects of digital video production, particularly editing - which I often combine with other computer-based post-production work such as graphic design (for screen and print), video compression, DVD authoring and composing and remixing music. I've also co-written a number of short film scripts, but only had the opportunity to produce and direct one of them.

My professional work has mainly been within the areas of :

- Documentary video and photography - often specifically for internet delivery or for screening at exhibitions;

- Archival documentation of theatre performances and other live events;

- Community video projects and low-budget shorts.

I've also designed and run numerous training programmes, from children's animation workshops to postgraduate course modules, and provided project support to arts organisations and corporate clients. I'm currently a member of BECTU.

Copyright : I am the author of all the works in the documentary section (though a couple of the videos incorporate other people's artworks and photographs). The archival section, by definition, consists of the documentation of various forms of copyrighted work. All of the projects described in the community section were, to the best of my knowledge, made by a combination of freelance workers and volunteers, copyright thus residing communally with the group responsible for each particular project. As I develop this website I will provide full credits for every piece.