Video : Solo commissions

S.A.F.E. (Steps Across the Frontiers of Europe)

February - June 2016
Vimeo channel (2 videos, 6:19 min total)

Videos made for S.A.F.E., an aid project for refugees in Greece set up by artists Su_E_Side and Debs Wrekon who live and work at Mutonia in northern Italy.

Genre : documentary / fundraising
Commissioned by Su_E_Side for Steps Across the Frontiers of Europe
Funded by Alan Cesarano
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2016)

Pushkar Children Trust

February - April 2014
Vimeo channel (1 video, 14:45 min)

A video made for an education project for gypsy children in Pushkar (Rajasthan) set up by Jeetu Bhat and Trine Obel.

Genre : documentary / fundraising
Commissioned by Jeetu Bhatt / Trine Obel for Pushkar Children Trust
Funded by Alan Cesarano
Copyright : Alan Cesarano / Jeetu Bhatt / Trine Obel (2014)

Namaste Community Foundation Nepal

October 2013- February 2014
Vimeo channel (7 videos, 35:54 min total)

A series of videos made for Namaste Community Foundation Nepal, an organisation which runs a range of projects to help and empower vulnerable children and families in and around Pokhara (central Nepal).

The main video introduces what the organisation does and outlines their future plans. The other videos cover their various projects in more detail.

Genre : documentary / fundraising
Commission by Visma Poudel for Namaste Community Foundation Nepal
Funded by Alan Cesarano / Namaste Community Foundation Nepal
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2014)

The Nek Chand Foundation

February - September 2013
Vimeo channel (2 videos, 14:33 min total)

Videos made in Chandigarh (India) at the Rock Garden, one of the great masterpieces of twentieth century art. Its humble creator Nek Chand was one of the nicest people I've ever met and it was an honour to do whatever I could to help him.

Genre : documentary / fundraising
Commissioned by John Maizels for The Nek Chand Foundation
Funded by Alan Cesarano
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2013)

Vanessa Arbuthnott

March 2012 - August 2013
Vimeo channel (5 videos, 25:08 min total)

Videos made at The Tallet, in Gloucestershire (UK). Designer Vanessa Arbuthnott works from there, and it is also the location of the Owl Barn Residency.

Genre : promotional
Commissioned by Vanessa Arbuthnott
Funded by Vanessa Arbuthnott
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2012 - 2013)

Tilden Project Nepal

October 2010 - present
Vimeo channel (9 videos, 67:51 min total)

Videos contributing to the work of Tilden Project Nepal, a UK-based charity committed to helping the people of Aruchour, a village located in the foothills of the Annapurna mountain range. The project was set up in memory of my good friend Tilden Revell, who was tragically killed in a road accident in 2001.

In addition to making videos, I ran a blog about development work I was doing in the village in 2013 (click here and scroll down to 25 January 2013), and helped to compile the charity's 2013 calendar.

Genre : documentary / fundraising
Commissioned by Jan Revell for Tilden Project Nepal
Funded by Alan Cesarano / Jan Revell
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2011 - present)

 SHIFTS: Projections Into The Future Of The Central Belt (1 video)

Camera, sound, editing
April - August 2007

A 25-minute video documenting a series of talks, field trips, workshops and presentations involving architects, designers and policy-makers. It formed part of the SHIFTS exhibition at the Lighthouse (Scotland's Centre for Architecture, Design and the City) in 2007, and subsequently toured around Scotland. I edited the video in consultation with Florian Kossak, the exhibition's curator. (The version presented here is a 6:40 excerpt.)

Commissioned by The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Funded by The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Copyright : Alan Cesarano / Florian Kossak (2007)

Arches Circus Summer School 2005 (1 video)

Camera, sound, editing
July - November 2005

I produced a short video based around the public performance given at the end of this week long workshop, together with an accompanying photographic record, and used the material to make a promotional CD for the Arches to use to secure future funding.

Commissioned by The Arches, Glasgow
Funded by the Scottish Arts Council / The Arches
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2005)

Good Teaching Practice in Leicestershire Schools, Community Centres and Traveller Education (13 videos)

Camera, sound, editing
October - November 2003
October - November 2004

Two sets of five short videos, made specifically for screening at the 2003 and 2004 conferences of the county's head teachers. I also provided supplementary footage for archival reference, and re-edited one of the 2004 videos into a promotional film for Leicestershire Children's Centres. (None of this material was intended for public distribution and so I haven't presented it here.)

Commissioned by Leicestershire County Council
Funded by Leicestershire County Council
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2003 - 2004)

Charnwood Arts Summer Activities 2001-2002 (3 videos, plus stills)

 Circus Skills Workshops 2001 (20 images)
 Make Some Noise (7:41)
 Door to Door (2:27)
 Liquid Light (3:46)

 C.Y.A.N. Summer Activities 2002 (10 images)

Camera, sound, editing
August - November 2001
July - December 2002

I photographed the Circus Skills activities in 2001. I distributed prints to the participants, and images from the archival CD I produced were used as publicity material.

I completed 3 videos of 2002 activities. Make Some Noise, which documented a week-long improvised percussion workshop, was included in a concert by the workshop leaders Corey Mwamba and Walt Shaw in November 2002. Door to Door and Liquid Light documented photography workshops; subtitled versions of each were displayed as part of the two similarly-titled exhibitions at Charnwood Museum.

I also filmed a wide range of other activities (including BMX/skateboarding, horse riding, go-karting, circus skills and computer gaming), interviewed participants, and filmed longer interviews about life in Loughborough's more deprived areas, both on location and in a video box. Sadly, the footage remained unedited due to insufficient funding.

Commissioned by Charnwood Arts
Funded by Government Office for the East Midlands
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2001 - 2002)

Streets Alive! Loughborough Carnival 2001 (1 podcast)

Sound, editing
May - June 2001

As a change from the usual video or photographic documentation, I made this half-hour piece with Terry Allen for Charnwood Arts web radio.

Commissioned by Charnwood Arts
Funded by Charnwood Arts
Copyright : Alan Cesarano / Terry Allen (2001)

People Making Places (2 videos, multimedia map)

 Taylor's Bell Foundry (2:06)
 Loughborough Carillon (0:45)
 Quorn Tour (16 audio-images)

Camera, sound, editing
February 2000 - June 2001

I made these two videos and a multimedia map for inclusion in Charnwood Arts' People Making Places project (see Training and support).

Commissioned by Charnwood Arts
Funded by Millennium Festival
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2000 - 2001)

 Loughborough Faiths (8 videos, 18:10 total)

Camera, sound, editing
February - May 2000

Loughborough Council of Faiths sprang out of many years of developing friendships and discussions across religious boundaries. It was constituted in 1995 to be a representative body including all the faiths with a base in Loughborough.

I was invited to make this series of short films for the Loughborough Multi-Faith Fair 2000 to give a taste of the diverse expressions of religious belief celebrated in Loughborough. (Clicking on the QuickTime icon will take you to a page featuring the videos and further information.)

Commissioned by Daphnie Beale for Loughborough Council of Faiths
Funded by Alan Cesarano / Millennium Festival / Government Office for the East Midlands
Copyright : Alan Cesarano (2000)