Video : Training courses, project support

Animation workshops

An Tobar, 2009

Two animation classes for children, using digital cameras, Flash and found objects, staged as part of my artist's residency at Tobermory's art centre.

Off-line film editing

The Ritz Cinema Belper, 2008

I spent a week at The Ritz just before Christmas 2008 editing a series of short trailers and 'please turn off your mobile phone' messages shot on 35mm by Amanda and Neil who run this brilliant little cinema.

MSc Applied Multimedia : Video For Internet Delivery

Nottingham Trent University, 2004

I planned and taught this demanding six-week course module, which covered filming, basic and advanced editing with Adobe Premiere and effective compression techniques using Cleaner. I produced a series of comprehensive lecture notes together with video material for demonstration, and set and marked the practical assignment which accounted for 10% of the overall course grade.

Leicestershire Schools Bullying Seminar

Charnwood Arts for Leicestershire County Council, 2003

As part of this consultation involving 200 pupils from 50 schools, I planned and ran activities including forums on rights and responsibilities and sculpture workshops - building floorplans of schools to act as the focus for drama and debate. I recorded the discussions, and later transcribed and summarised them.

Terex Pegson promotional videos

Nigel Moreton Communications, 2002 - present

To date, I've edited thirteen videos with Nigel Moreton, who specialises in video and photography for the quarrying industry.

Connecting Communities / CCTV Video Channel

Charnwood Arts for Government Office for the East Midlands, 2002 - 2004

The Connecting Communities initiative (part of the nationwide Resolving Differences programme) was targeted at specific areas of Charnwood and involved a wide range of people being trained as community facilitators. I provided audio and video training to individuals and technical support to the project as a whole, including collating, compressing and uploading over one hundred videos to CCTV, an online media player created as part of the project in order to present the region's diversity.

Loughborough College Foundation Programme

Loughborough College, 2002

I taught camera, sound, animation and editing over ten weeks to produce a promotional video for the Foundation Programme made by its students - all teenagers with either special needs, English as a second language or a record of underachievement. The work formed a part of the course's team skills element.

Charnwood Arts work placements

Charnwood Arts, 2000 - 2002

In June 2000, I ran a week-long work experience for four secondary school students, which produced ten multimedia documentary features for People Making Places (see below). In late 2001, I organised a two-month video training course for three German exchange students, who made a series of documentaries about Navratri, Bonfire Night, Diwali and Loughborough Fair. Another school work experience week in June 2002 produced eight videos for a website.

People Making Places

Charnwood Arts, 1999 - 2004

Originally conceived as a CD-ROM documenting life in Charnwood in the year 2000, People Making Places was eventually published online. Between November 1999 and August 2000, I jointly ran the initial phases of publicity and production. During the following two years (in between working on numerous other video projects), I concentrated solely on audio-video editing and compression. Finally, from October 2002, I began collating, ordering and proofing the entire body of work (which by then consisted of over 120 projects and 30,000 digital files), passing the final versions on for web design and completion.

Video animation workshops

Charnwood Borough Council, 1999 - 2001

Video animation (for 8 to 16 year-olds) became established as one of the most popular items in the Art In The Open summer activities programme. Out of expediency, I used different technology each year: animation in 1999 consisted of pressing record on and off as fast as possible on a battered old VHS camera; in 2001 we were recording live footage direct to hard disk.

Speak Out!

Charnwood Arts and Roundhill Community College, 1999

Speak Out! was week-long arts residency and youth consultation project in Thurmaston, near Leicester. I taught video skills to young people to help them express their views about life in the village, and also ran an exercise in urban planning which was included in the follow-up magazine.